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Past gigs

2017-05-27 Rocksack Festival 2017, Allenwinden
with MF Tank, Stuck In Traffic, Slop!, Spencer, Fuk, Delilahs 77, Keep Talking
2017-05-20 Bruch Brothers Bar, Luzern
2017-03-18 20 Jahre Slop!, Galvanik, Zug
with Slop!, Thin & Crispy, Wilcox
2015-05-30 Rocksack Festival 2015, Allenwinden
with Anict, Humanoids, Noisedive, The Percent, Slop!, Undefined Legend, Vollgas, Wilcox
2014-10-31 Halloween Party, Hot Flash Tattoo, Willisau
with Winter Cure
2013-04-19 Taurus MC Club, Baar
with Braggarts
2013-04-13 Naabrand Band Contest, Steinhausen
with Braggarts and others
2012-10-19 Hopfemandli Zunft Rock Night, Baar
2012-08-18 Circus 2012, Neuheim
with Stereo Tricks / Thin & Crispy / Better Mondays / James Brown Tribute Show
2011-11-19 zug rockt!, I45, Zug
with Vibes Garden / Humanoids / Slop!
2011-07-02 Zuger Seefest, Zug
with Pink Willy
2011-06-03 Rocksack Festival Aufwärmparty, Allenwinden
with Whitefield
2010-12-04 Dukes, Sihlbrugg
(as re:sisters) with Pink Willy
2010-11-06 Zuger Szene 2010, Chollerhalle Zug
(as re:sisters) with Humanoids / 7t Cover / BlueSpice
2009-09-12  Rocksack Festival, Allenwinden
(as re:sisters) with Fuzzy Index / The Bonkers / Humanoids / Camerra / Slop! & Friends
2008-09-06 Pig Box Party, Allenwinden
(as re:sisters) with Slop! & Friends / Nemeth
2007-09-08 Rocksack Festival, Allenwinden
(as re:sisters) with Nemeth / Zero Spin / Crude / Slop! & Friends / Wake / Slimboy
2006-10-13 B70 Music Bar, Küssnacht am Rigi
(as Sisters Of No Mercy)
2006-09-02 Pig Box Party, Allenwinden
(as Sisters Of No Mercy) with Slop!